What we do

Baptism Coordinator

Your "Fairy Event Godmother" will help make your day unforgettable and stress free and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

◦ Making sure your vendors arrive on time, and are guided to by your vision.

 ◦ Being your right hand, whatever you need, coffee, gum, moving “unwanted” guests from your space whatever you need I am there.

◦ Overview of managing the event.

 ◦ Helping with anything that needs too picked up, dropped off.

 ◦ Help with arrangements of vendors prior to event.

 ◦ Additionally if you have any Pre-events for your main event we will be there to add a helping hand.

Ability to work effectively under pressure.

Problem-solving skills and resourcefulness.

Practical experience dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

Our Packages

Pricing Plans

We work side-by-side to bring your dream event to life and provide a stress-free environment. We have three packages to work within your budget and timeline.


Coordinator Questions

We are the insurance policy to guarantee that everything you have reserved/booked is as expected on your special day in order to ensure that you get to relax and enjoy yourself.

  • How many packages do you offer?
  • Do you travel?

    Yes I do! Anywhere you go, I go with you.

  • Do you help contact Vendors?

    Yes, I have a package available for your convenience to help contact vendors.

  • Do you have vendors?

    Yes, I can help by suggesting vendors.

  • In case of an unexpected event, what can you provide?

    For each event I offer an emergency bag with supplies needed from a first-aid kit to a sewing kit etc..

Do you have questions about our next event? We are here to answer all your questions or concerns.

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Professional Weddings, Engagements, Baptisms, Birthdays, and Special Events coordinator. Now I am available to be YOUR Fairy Event Godmother. Coordinating events that you plan or that you need help with. I'm there to support you on your BIG day!

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